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"Everyday life is the influence"

The Idea of Convertible bags

After working in the fashion industry for 17 years, I started to feel there was something missing. I decided to leave a career driven by market trends, to pursue my passion for creating items that are timeless and practical.

I realized sometimes you'd leave home with a small bag, only to need more room later on, or vice versa.

This led me to come up with the idea of a transformable bag, one that could maintain a look that is effortless in any situation.

*We’ve granted US & International Patent for our designs.

High Quality Leather

We only use cow leather, which is a by-product of food production. Unlike “vegan leather", which is a form of plastic (Polyurethane or PVC), genuine leather is sustainable and biodegradable. All the leather we use is ethically produced from Vicenza, Italy and Barcelona, Spain to maintain a high level of quality.

We recommend you moisturize it with leather conditional every few months and keep it from direct heat, dirt and rain.

Reducing Waste

Since the leather is natural product, there are some parts that can't be used due to its irregular shape. The industry standard wastage of leather ranges from 20% - 50%, depending on the size of the leather piece.

We tried to find a solution to lower the wastage, and came up with an idea to make use of the scraps. After cutting the leather, all scrap pieces from the bags are gathered and reused to create the pouches. The patch shapes are determined by the scraps, so each pouch is unique.

Because we are upcycling the waste, the cost of the leather is not added to the price for the pouch, and the cost only includes the labor and other material costs.

No Seasonal Markdown Policy

We are engaged with the slow fashion movement and create timeless and versatile products to reduce waste that ends up in landfills after only one season. 

We are committed to guarantee high quality standards and provide the best price for our customers. Therefore, we won't be offering seasonal markdown or year-end markdown.  

About the designer

Aram Lee is from Korea where she studied Art and Design at Seoul National University and moved to New York where she started her career as a handbag designer for Kate Spade and the Gap before moving on to become a creative director for Kooba. After 17 years of experience in corporate fashion companies, she's founded her eponymous brand to pursue her passion for creating items are timeless and practical. 

"The design process is to work with physical objects as well as the space around it. I believe the silhouette should be designed in both positive and negative spaces”.