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  • Any tips for taking care of leather products?

We carefully select the finest materials to meet our manufacturing standards. Grain and color variations are a natural characteristic which make each item unique. To care for and extend the life of your product, prevent exposure to direct light, heat and humidity. Avoid contact with water, cosmetics and oil-based substances. To remove stains, other than permanent dyes, gently dab with a clean dry cloth and mild leather conditioner or cream. The care with which you use to look after your bag will preserve its quality.

If your leather product gets wet, pat dry with paper towels, pack loosely with paper and let it air dry in the shade (do not apply more heat).

Please store your leather products in the canvas bag or wrap them in breathable materials such as cotton and linen for prolonged periods of time.



  • The leather for the Hana bag looks pretty thin. Is the bag sturdy?

The leather we selected is medium weight cow leather which is very tough and sturdy, unlike lamb leather. 
As far as the strength of the leather, it can't  be determined only by the thickness or the type of the leather. It also has a lot to do with how it is finished (whether it is natural or altered. When the top layer of the leather is altered, the leather gets weakened, because the top layer is the toughest), and what grade of the leather it is made of. 
The leather for the Hana bag is the high quality cow leather and completely natural (aka Full-grain leather*), so even if it's in the thin side, it is very strong and sturdy. 
The strap of Hana bag holds the weight pretty well, and the area where it is attached to the bag is carefully reinforced. It holds 13" laptop, documents and other essentials altogether.

Full-grain leather*: The top surface of a hide, known as the grain, is the strongest part of the hide. 'Full-grain' means that the surface has not been altered or sanded to remove imperfections. It is much longer-lasting and durable than Top-grain leather which has been altered or sanded. Top grain leather is more prevalent on the market because it is cheaper as it is 'altered' from the low-quality leather.